Women and their Woggles.

They come in all sizes, shapes and colors.  Age, according to the calendar means nothing to them.
I meet them everywhere, these graceful creatures of God, enjoying the music of life, they are divine, each a unique gem. 

These women, beautiful, cultivated over a lifetime with stories to share.

I gaze at them in admiration.   Some are tall, some short, others are large and several are small, the package unimportant, they are aware.

It’s their radiance that inspires, their kindness that influences, confidence in who they are, no pretense, just being cool.  
I’m amazed at what the ladies of all ages can do, from 30 to 90, mind, body and spirit in sync.   

I meet them at work, at yoga, and working with colorful water woggles at the pool.

              How Does My Garden Grow?

Orchids, Lobelia, grapes and camellia, what a sight to see.
Fuchsias, ferns, and gardenias, that’s the key.
Pansies and peaches, succulents galore.
Fountains and garden art, so very much more.
Blue skies, cool breezes, tiny drops of rain here and there.
Wind chimes sing, gold fish swimming to their delight.
Humming birds flitter past in fast flight.
Sitting in my morning favored spot,
Really doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot.
Gotta get my daily dose, my senses on full alert.
Savoring the sights and sounds, a fragrant day emerging.
It’s flavor healthier than dessert.
A pleasant reminder of what’s life all about.
How does my garden grow?
Very well, beyond any doubt!.

To have the red energy of a hummingbird like lightening bolt fast,
I desire this energy and can only think of the music I would play at long last.
It has the bright orange enthusiasm that twists boiling water to steam.
And the excitement and thrill, the first time I saw that color beam.

When I see children playing I see the color of joy, reminiscent of a flawless emerald not to be attained.
Or a glimpse of a mischievous monkey watching a lively frog jumping soon after it’s rained
Happiness is a dazzling yellow sun, a child’s snuggle and the laughing love of the young,
Pleased as a spirited songbird not leaving any song unsung.
Best of all, is the color of love, when the horizon melts into the blue-green sea.
And the sparkling eyes of an old couple holding hands are found dancing with glee!

 She slithers from the dark depths of the sea in
 shimmery fashion all sparkle and glisten.

  Don’t  trust her for a moment; the sea goddess imagined
 to be sweet, will steel your delicious brew. 

As  quick as a wink, appears she without warning. 

Too  small to see except after two or three, then she’ll
 drain your drink and devour delectable drupes to her
 delight, for now you can see, Olive Mermaitini!.

           Little dog Chelsie.....

Hey, stop eating my flowers! Every morning I scold. 
Pansies with bright yellow faces stretching toward the sun.
My little dog greeting the neighbors with her bark, spinning around to chomp those delicious Pansies of gold.
The aroma of cinnamon, and hot coffee black, in my peaceful place.
Hey, stop eating my flowers!
She runs back to me to take her seat, stares at me with a message, “I need to be petted so my Life can be complete”
Barking at the bees, running, chasing shadows and birds. Helping in the garden; slurping the dirty water and skillfully moving rocks.
Little dog, Chelsie with so much to do, especially napping and snuggling on the couch watching TV.
A busy days work complete, for a little dog hanging with me.


 Just put your pen to paper to see what happens. Let your ideas flow from experiences, thoughts, and the history of your heart.  Do not get distracted, let the creative process flow, say what's there; draw, paint or feel the pen move against the coolness of the paper.  Today it wants to write, later it may take residence in the form a brush, knife, hammer, or in the garden. Who knows what's in there, your mind, body and spirit, unless you let the caged creation out.  Let it run free for the expression is deep inside.   Relax, I think of a soft wind, a flowing veil, the sound of music, the touch of a piano's ivory keys preparing my body to feel energized and happy, relaxing every muscle, slowing my breath,  it's time to create, enjoying the moment, enjoying the day. 

Writing is just another way a person can express themselves.  I  write when something  just screams at me and says "write what you feel, what you see or what are experiencing right now, capture the moment so you can remember it always. "  When my world is quiet, the words just hit the paper as I go, never having an expectation, or a planned destination, only the moment


BE your creative self, there is no judge while ideas boil, let them frantically rise to the surface, the bubbles twist and toil.  Amongst the stillness of the water, they are quick, so capture them the moment they appear.

Ideas come and go; expand them, combine them, and adapt to something new.  Reverse, rearrange and evaluate, satisfied you've got something uniquely you.

Artist, multiple media....original works of art in acrylic, oils, glass mosaics, and much, much more.

There is a certain satisfaction that embraces my core when a creative endeavor has felt my hands last touch.

A kind of high that's hard to explain, an addiction to my art that makes me do it all over again and again. 

Like a good story waiting for the end, never sure what it will be,  where it came from is always a surprise to me.....Next