Artist, multiple media....original works of art in acrylic, oils, glass mosaics, and much, much more.

 What can I say about mosaics?  I LOVE them!  Mosaics are a fun to create and can be so interesting and diverse.   My mosaics are sometimes pre-designed and sometimes purely created as I go, never really knowing what I will end up with.  I use glass, ceramics, broken plates, mirrors, copper, stones,  beads, marbles, wine bottle tops, metal charms, things found or pretty much anything that is sturdy and can withstand the outside elements.  I hand cut the stained glass and use various utensils to create the look I envision, laying down one piece at a time.  The substrates consists of ceramic tiles, glass, wood, cement depending upon the ultimate destination of the work (inside or outside)  Each piece is unique, full of light, color and sparkle to be enjoyed as garden art or maybe a unique table top.  Custom orders welcome.