Always fun to start a new project, so I wrote a short poem about my experience creating these little treasures.

Sometimes the desire deep inside just wants to create.
Working with my hands and figuring out a direction to take. Gathering materials and tools, contemplating day and night.
More complex than one might think, not really knowing, but it’s got to be right.
A new journey, following my instinct and developing a new skill.

Materials, colors and shapes taking control. Listening to what’s before me, flowing with their will.
A fresh venture, so exhilarating to start, invades my brain.

Thinking it out, always some challenges that makes me crazy, Sometimes all land in the trash, frustration high, I complain.
A new beginning with resolve, determined to find answers I seek.

Finally it all comes together, many hours spent. Satisfaction, this mission complete.



Artist, multiple media....original works of art in acrylic, oils, glass mosaics, and much, much more.